5 Amazing Construction Projects to Visit This Summer

The days are getting longer, the weather warmer, which can only mean one thing: summer is here.

We thought that in that honor, we would present to you 5 construction amazing construction projects that will be going on this summer, and that you can visit during your vacation, providing it becomes legal.

  • Basilica Sagrada Familia
  • Norway’s Cruise Ship Tunnel
  • T3 Bayside
  • The Dubai International Airport
  • The World Islands

Basilica Sagrada Familia

The iconic basilica in the centre of Barcelona, Spain has been in construction for nearly 130 year. The end of the project is set to be in 2025, but meanwhile, the astonishing construction site is still available for tourists to visit.

Source: History of the Temple – Sagrada Família – Sagrada Familia

Norway’s Cruise Ship Tunnel

Norway is a beautiful country with amazing fjords. Its waterways though are difficult to navigate and these problems have been going on for nearly a thousand years. As a solution for that problem, a project has been approved to begin the construction of a waterway tunnel large enough for cruise ships to pass through it. This is bound to be a marvel of civil engineering.

T3 Bayside

The T3 Bayside project in Toronto, Canada is set to be the largest office building made of timber in North America. This beautiful building is also very ecological. The only problem that comes to my mind is the price of timber which must drive the cost of the project up.

Stacking Plan


The Dubai International Airport

After a long time coming and massive investments, the Dubai International Airport is expending. Already the principle airport in the Middle-East, the luxury, aesthetics and novelty for which Dubai is know will transfer beautifully into it.


Dubai Airports

The World Islands

An archipelago set in Dubai with artificial islands that have the shape of the different countries of the world is simply amazing. It is possible to purchase one of these islands. Each one of them is themed after the country it represents. It is definitely a top 10 in my bucket list.


The World Islands – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Asia – Private Islands