FramR News : A prism or a target?

To position the FramR on the job site and be able to project construction drawings on concrete, the layout projector must understand where it is located in the 3D environment.

There are many ways to do so but only a few of them provide the right accuracy. Recently, we changed one of the positioning tools to get to the level of accuracy you need.

Prism or Target?

Among all of the ways to take precise measurements, our team boiled it down to 2, a prism and a target. Right now, most of the surveying tasks are done using an optical prism, especially since the appearance of Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM). Optical prisms are simple to use and provide high precision, but they have 2 majors flaws: they are extremely fragile and they are expensive.

We all know that a tool for the construction environment needs to be rugged. It does not matter how careful you are with it, odds are, something will happen. Keeping that mind, we decided to reconsider the use of a prism. We went back to the drawing table and started to look for another method of measurement which is precise, works on a long-range and is not fragile nor expensive.

Here is what we needed:

  • An accuracy of 0.1mm
  • Works with our technology
  • Easy to carry
  • More resistant
  • More affordable

The answer is an anodized aluminum target.

Want to see it in action? Contact us.